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Garage Door Repair Anaheim, CA provides the best services. We deal in all brands. Our services include garage door repair, spring repair, garage door opener repair and garage door installation. Don’t let the jammed garage door affect the security or safety of your family members. Call us for emergency service and garage door repair tips. We are open 24/7, even on holidays.

A garage door problem usually come unannounced and at the time you least expected it to happen. You are heading to party and the door just doesn’t open. May be, you are back home from a binge drinking session and the door is stuck halfway, which means you have to either park the car outside the house or wait for the mechanic to turn up.

We don’t want you to leave the expensive vehicle outside, just because you were unable to find a mechanic late night. Call the team of Garage Door Repair Anaheim – any time of the day and we will try to reach you within the least possible time. It is always better to call a technician to deal with the problem instead of leaving the car outside where there’s always a threat of it being stolen or meeting an accident.

Most of the emergency problems related to the garage door are the result of negligence of the homeowners. We tend to ignore the squeaking or occasional jamming of the garage door and postponing that call to the repair professional. The end result is, a jammed garage door that refuses to go up and down, when you are heading to the important business meeting. It is, thus, better to attend any major or minor issue with the door, as soon as you notice.

Mechanics of Garage Door

Most of the residential garage doors work on the same principle. They have panels to move up and down on the rollers, which are again installed in the track system. There is a garage door opener at the center of the door that controls the up and down motion.

Although, the mechanism of garage door might look simple, but it is way too advanced than one could possibly think. You can always call our team of garage door repair experts  for the regular service, maintenance and repair related work of the garage door to ensure its smooth operation and safety of the vehicle as well as the family members. As per the U.S. CPSC, a residential garage door should be checked for proper operation after every 30 days.

How you Can Take Care of Garage Door?

  • Refinish or reseal wooden garage door in a gap of two years
  • Protect the door from splash back or runoff of direct water
  • Check the weather stripping at the bottom of the garage door and if it is cracked, consider replacing it
  • Lubricate the springs, tracks, rollers and hinges on a regular basis with household oil
  • Do not use petroleum-based lubricants for oiling purpose

Common Problems with Garage Door

Garage door has special time period of operational life, which means the homeowner, might need to install a new one, once the old door has been there for some years. While some garage doors are unable to make it till their shelf life, others work smoothly beyond those years – if maintained properly. It is always recommended to call a garage door repair professional for any repair or maintenance related job. Here are few problems that garage doors usually have:

  • The door is jammed shut
  • The door closes partially before it returns to the open position
  • The door opens and closes on its own
  • The door makes squeaking noise while opening and closing
  • The door doesn’t open or close at all
  • The door operates slower than the usual

Is the Garage Door Giving Tough Time? Call the Experts at Garage Door Repair Anaheim, CA

Do not trust any random garage door repair company just because it is willing to work at a cheaper price. It is important to check the license, references and reputation of any service provider, before hiring him for the work. Garage Door Repair Anaheim is a trusted name, when it comes to garage door repair services. We are simply the best when it comes to garage door repair, spring repair, opener repair and garage door installation, we give the best quality services and garage door repair parts. What provides us an edge in the competition is:

The ability of our team to work efficiently, any time of the day

We can provide garage door repair services every hour of the day, even holidays. Irrespective of whether the client approaches us for a repair related job at day time or late night, we are efficient enough to provide prompt assistance and do quality garage door repairs on time. The technicians are licensed and well experienced to work on garage doors of different makes and patterns.

Huge inventory to meet all types of needs of clients

Garage Door Repair Anaheim, CA is a one-stop-solution provider for all garage door purchase and repair related needs of clients. Whether you want a wooden or metal garage door, we provide customized solutions to the clients. The brands that we sell include – Northwest, Midland, C.H.I, Wayne Dalton and many more. We deal in all garage door repair parts, spring repair and opener repair and installation too.

Quick assistance, all the time

Garage Door Repair Anaheim, CA provides the best spring repair services in least time. A garage door emergency could come anytime of the day and we are prepared to reach the client’s residence, fully-equipped, every time. We provide 24×7 emergency service and also work on weekends and holidays at no extra cost.

To know more about our garage door repair services and to get a free price estimate, get in touch with our customer service team. We will be happy to answer your queries and provide a prompt assistance.