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Wear and tear sign on the garage door spring could be an invitation to a bigger problem. A garage door spring is usually designed to work for approximately 10,000 cycles but acute temperature changes often lower the performance of this essential part of the door. Purchasing a low quality spring means inviting garage door troubles sooner than you would think. It is thus; better to buy only quality products from a trusted seller.

Garage Door Spring Repair Anaheim, CA is one of the leading providers of garage door spring repair services and related products. We ensure that the clients get only the highest quality garage door springs at affordable prices.

How to Spot a Problem with the Garage Door Spring?

A trouble with opening and closing of garage door could be the sign of a major or minor issue with the springs. Homeowners are usually unaware of the fact that even a small issue could turn out to be a big and expensive repair hassle, if avoided for a long time. The result could be a completely jammed garage door or a halfway opened door that refuses to move further. The moment you notice squeaking sound coming from the garage door or not-so-smooth operation or even a wear and tear sign on springs, do seek the help of an expert. It is required to adjust or replace the garage door spring properly.

Understanding the Difference Between Torsion and Extension Spring

A torsion spring counterbalances the weight of the garage door, when it goes up and down. The extension spring is at the top of the upper track of the garage door. It is present on the track on both the sides of the door.

What to Do Upon Failure of Garage Door Spring?

Garage door spring repair should not be considered as a DIY task, thus, it is always safe to call an expert to repair the broken part. The springs on the garage door work under tremendous pressure and an inexperienced individual might actually damage the springs instead of repairing them. We at Garage Door Spring Repair Anaheim, CA provide the best skilled and experienced experts. The person needs to be careful while attending the emergency, as minute negligence could increase the chances of accidental fall down of the garage door. Always seek the advice on an expert, when it comes to dealing with garage door spring repair issues.

The only thing a homeowner or an inexperienced professional could do is, lubricate the garage door springs on a regular interval. If you notice signs of wear and tear on the door, it is better to call our garage door spring repair experts.

Why Call Us?

When looking for a local garage door service provider, trust the expertise of Garage Door Repair Anaheim, CA. You have many reasons to choose us:

  • We have a team of experienced, trained and licensed technicians to handle the spring repair/replacement or any garage door emergency need.
  • Our technicians can also fix the Wayne-Dalton spring system and replace the door cables along with the springs.
  • We provide lifetime guarantee on garage door springs, which means you will get highest quality product.
  • We have state-of-the-art infrastructure, which enables us to provide satisfactory services to clients and stay ahead of competitors.
  • We ensure that the team gets trained about what’s latest in garage door industry on a regular basis. This boosts up their confidence and ability to handle any sort of garage repair work.
  • We stock garage doors and equipment made by renowned brands in our inventory and sell them at competitive prices to the clients.
  • We strive to provide affordable products and services to clients without compromising with the quality of work that is done on the field.
  • We provide 24×7 emergency garage door spring repair services to clients and also work on holidays and weekends. The team ensures that it reaches the client as soon as possible and doesn’t charge extra for repair work on weekends and holidays.
  • We provide a free price estimate to the client, prior to reaching their house for the repair or installation work. If the client is satisfied with the price quote, we take it to the next level. This step helps in avoiding confusion at the last hour.

For More Information, Call Today

Garage Door Spring Repair Anaheim, CA is the name to trust upon for all the garage door spring repair, installation and service related needs .Whether you want to buy a new garage door or get the old one serviced, we are just a call away. The team would ensure that it reaches you within the shortest possible time, all equipped to resolve the garage door spring repair problem in an efficient way. Since, we share the price estimate with the client before arriving at their place, it leaves no space for confusion.

You may call our customer service team to get garage door spring replacement tips and information about the products and services we offer or get in touch with us through email. We will ensure to respond at the earliest and answer all your garage door related queries.